No prior art experience necessary! Not even sketching! Learn watercolor techniques without the hassle and expense of visiting local classes. Just click ‘play’ on this website’s video player and follow along with Steve Curl, an award-winning watercolorist and 2-time Teacher Of The Year! Works on smartphones, tablets, Macs & PCs. Here are 4 quick benefits to this online course…

Price To Learn Watercolor Techniques, Fast!

#1 – Designed For Beginners To Learn Watercolor Techniques, Fast

Even Steve makes mistakes, and we film each one. That’s because mistakes are normal, and Steve demonstrates how to fix mistakes easily. His easy-going manner encourages you to have fun! You may not call yourself an “artist,” but you can still play with art.

#2 – Learn Watercolor Techniques Step By Step, Part By Part

Steve teaches you how to walk before you run. Part 1 covers everything you need to know about watercolor supplies so you’re comfortable with your tools before anything gets painted. Then he takes you from a simple still-life painting to a more complex landscape painting to a close-up portrait, part by part, step by step.

#3 – Over 6.5 Hours Of HD Video On Essential Watercolor Techniques

Imagine how much 6.5 hours of local classes will cost! Or 6 DVDs! Our prices are very fair for the generous amount of teaching Steve provides. All filmed in high-definition with full audio. Play, rewind and restart videos over and over again if you prefer. You control the pace!

#4 – No Fancy Technology Or Super-Fast Internet Needed

If you’ve successfully watched videos on some website before, these videos should work on that same device. All purchases are protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: love it or your money back, no questions asked!

BONUS: Here’s a sample video!